about shani

Fine artist/ Illustrator/ Educator/ Presenter/ Creative lady… these are some of the ways of describing me, Shani ( rhymes with rainy) Nottingham. I am the creative person behind rare pear studio.


I am based in regional NSW where, in my lovely light-filled studio and home, crammed with artworks, art supplies, plants and quirky collections, I create and make.


My portfolio bursts with whimsy and colour, but I am equally happy with the subtle nuances of neutrals.  I really just like to make joyful beauty and loveliness – things to make your heart happy. People tell me my work is fresh, unique and uplifting – which pleases me immensely.


Illustrations and art of watercolour, ink, gouache, mixed media, printing, collage, photography and more are part of rare pear studio. In addition I am the founder of The Collage Club, have regular exhibitions, create content for socia media, host regular creative workshops and share stories and arty stuff on my blog.


You can also follow me on Instagram, where I post my latest works, playful experiments, commissions  and connect with my fabulous followers.


My clients and collaborations range from small startup businesses to large companies, councils, government departments, big brands, homeware retailers, authors, magazines, charities and other creatives.


Some of my favourites have been FORD Australia, Scotch 3M Australia, Micador Australia, Kidspot, Fat Mum Slim, Little Lane Workshops, Interiors Addict, Fab Fit Fun USA, Uppercase magazine and Creatively Squared.


My work has garnered me many awards and prizes, like the Kidspot #VOICESOF2015 Home and Wellbeing Category for online creatives.  I do what I do for love, but such accolades do make me one very happy lady indeed.


I hope that my work makes you happy and your heart smile too!